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Magdalena Cassidy

Assistance to Executing team

My Skills

Magdalena was born and raised in Poland where she attended Warsaw University of Technology and gained Master Degree in Environmental Engineering. As a 23 year old fresh out of University she had decided to take a leap in faith and move permanently to USA. Her first stop was little town in Wisconsin, but once on the vacation in Miami she had decided Sunshine State is her destiny. So she packed all the belongings and drove to Orlando – The city Beautiful, where my adventure with hotel industry begun.
For the past 10 years she have been part of Hampton Inn and Suites team and learn all aspects of management from the operational point of view.
By joining Avista Team she is happy to expand and master her engineering background connected with construction and renovation related projects.
In her free time she loves to spend time with her 3 very active children on the playgrounds, parks and various other places.